a- Vessel, Lighter, Barge:

​  On-hire/Off-hire and bunker ROB survey.

​  Condition Survey or Suitability or Hull Survey.

​  Survey on ship’s crane/derricks condition and/or operation.

​  Damaged survey of Vessel.

​  Cargo worthiness and Seaworthiness.

​  Pre-loading/discharging survey.

b- Bulk cargo:

​  Hatch survey on the arrival of cargo.

​  Loading /stowing/lashing survey.

​  Draft survey for weight/quantity of cargo.

Supervising on loading/discharging. To make sure proper steps to minimize spillage and loss of cargo.

​  Sampling through loading/discharging operation.

Fulltime check/supervision of weighing by weigh scales/weigh bridge or weighing the representative percentage of bags for net/gross weight determination.


​  Survey on freight volume.

​  Supervision on transshipment from vessel or storage onto trucks, coasters and barges.

​  Tally services.

c- Liquid cargo (oil, petroleum, chemical…):

​  Tank inspection for clealiness/suitability.

​  Liquid loading/discharging supervision.

​  Ullaging/checking quantity/sampling at shore tanks/ship tanks.

​  Outturn survey.

​  Determination of loss / contaminated damage.

​  Investigation on the cause of contamination and loss.

​  Inspection bunker transfer/disputes.

​  Off-specification disputes.

d- Insurance:

​  Hull damage inspections.

​  Machinery damage inspections.

​  Crew interviews as a result of marine casualties.

​  Grounding/sinking investigations, to assess salvage feasibility.

​  Structural condition surveys.

​  Towage/voyage approval inspections.

​  Ship damaged survey.

​  Pre-shipment loss prevention survey.

​  Cargo damaged survey.

​  Assisting lawyers as necessary.