Pre-entry/vessel renewal inspections.


  Cargo damage Inspections.

  Steel pre-load, discharge inspection.

  Collision investigation/crew interviews/W.P surveys.

  Oil Pollution Claims – Investigation, clean up, settlement negotiations.

  Shore damage assessment for harbor equipment, fenders.. etc.

  Personnel accident investigations.

  Vessel condition Survey.

 As a correspondent for P&I Clubs world-wide:

To carry out survey as well as supervising of survey concerning Hull, Machine, Equipment and Civil Liability of Ship owners and collision liability with the quay, buoy, fish nets and other vessel/ boats causing the loss to human being, property and oil pollution.


 To carry out pre-survey for averting and minimizing the loss to cargo/vessel.


To arrange a Letter of Undertaking on behalf of P&I Club/ Ship owners for releasing an arrested vessel involving in some accident. NSC and our team are also adept at assisting the quick release of arrested vessels which have been detained by cargo consignees and their local insurers for damage or shortage claims. This is accomplished by immediate negotiation of best terms for settlement and then issuing of a letter of NSC/personal guarantee of payment so that the ship can sail without delays. Not always an entirely just outcome but a pragmatic solution in circumstances where the Vietnamese courts are unfortunately not much interested in the front and reverse terms on a Bill of Lading and claimants invariably refuse to accept a Club LOU direct.


Assist lawyers as necessary.